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Videos From Africa: Lion & Oryx In The Kalahari

Kalahari Lion and Oryx / Gemsbok hunt, with some nice pics of my wife’s from later in the trip, finally done editing the video. This is my first foray into hunting videos and decided to use a GoPro, to allow for what I feel is the best and most honest video experience, from the first person perspective. Unfortunately, hours of walking after tracks in the sand wouldn’t hold one’s imagination, so I only put in a couple clips of tracking to keep it interesting, but if you look closely you’ll see the Lion tracks. Used the Merkel 140AE .375 H&H double rifle mentioned in “Lion Rifles: A Safari In Arms”, the first shot would have been lethal but not immediately, tough shot with him mostly hidden. The second shot hit the tree as he did his aerobatics. He ran off and squat down under a nearby bush, we walked in a line half circling him and the last shot there was to his neck right behind the head, as he stared out at us from behind the bush. The ranges are far closer than the fish eye gopro makes them look, if you look closely at the first shot you can see the lion aerobatics. The whole family made this hunt, and you’ll see all of us at the end of the video, even the littlest hunter at 7 months old. You’ll also find the culmination of a multi day Oryx hunt, with an extremely long iron sights double rifle shot, as it was my last day and after countless times getting busted, had to make it work.

Keep an eye out for Part II of “Lion Rifles: A Safari In Arms” with my thoughts post hunt on how the Merkel performed, and general musings on Dangerous Game hunting. The first two videos cut to the chase, and the third is a compilation of them both and the trip with some choice photos at the end, hope you enjoy.