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Ruger Gold Label Side by Side

Ruger’s best, a beautiful 6 pound legacy project of Bill Ruger Sr. to bring back the refined American side by side. His dream lived for but two short years. Featuring hammer forged, ultra thin and strong 12 Gauge 3″ chambered barrels, selective ejectors, and a single selective trigger on a stainless 20 Gauge round action frame. Handles like a dream, and typically Ruger strong, there are extremely few of these in Canada and I have two of them. Letting go either my lightly used first year example, serial number 830, or my New in Box unfired 2nd year example, serial number 2505 on a personal no tax sale. ***SOLD*** for lightly used #830 or ***NO LONGER AVAILABLE*** for New in Box #2505.


Ruger RSM “Safari Magnum” .375 H&H **SOLD**, Ruger discontinued Express Rifle, again one of the best guns they’ve made. I also have a pair of these, and I’m selling RSM #6512, stocked in lovely streaked Circasian Walnut, featuring controlled round feed with an integral to the barrel quartrib holding 1 standing and 2 folding NECG Express sights. Metal is excellent, wood lightly hunted, low round count under 100 rounds. Has steel bottom metal, sculpted steel grip cap, and barrel mounted sling swivel stud among many other features. Popular everywhere they go in Africa, this is the real deal for a Safari rifle capable of taking anything on the planet. **SOLD**, personal no tax sale.

5 Responses to Arms for Sale

  1. William Kushner says:

    Just read your article on the KSG shotgun, great write up. Love your articles! I am a machinist at Montana Vintage Arms here in Belgrade Montana and was wondering if you have a link to a website or how I would go about finding those very loud 12 gauge shotgun cracker rounds and flares? thanks for any help. William Kushner

    • Angus says:

      Hi William thanks for the kind words, up here in Canada they’re easily located, stateside I’m afraid I’m just not sure and would be googling only. They are extremely effective in my experience until the bears get used to them, so for wild bears you run into great, dump / habituated bears not so much.

  2. Justin says:

    Hey was trying to show dad your carving work..where are the pics on here?

  3. corinne claeyssens says:

    Hi , I’m looking for a bolt rifle 577 T Rex made by Arthur Alphin or so and/or another rifle bolt action quite rare since the old gunsmith the one was doing a bolt action 585 Nyati for $ 3000.00 but this huy passed out ! so I don’t know if some knows some.. about ! anyway I really want to buy those two rifles ! Thanks for any informations

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